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FusionPharm recognizes that the worldwide organic and natural foods marketplace has grown steadily over the past three decades, defying normal market down cycles. As a result, FusionPharm is well positioned to revolutionize the organic/locally-produced food industry.


Based on the concept of Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) that has been used extensively in greenhouse cultivation for decades, FusionPharm’s primary focus is to develop and integrate our proprietary (and patent pending) line of cultivation containers – the PharmPod.


Constructed of standard ISO steel shipping containers, and repurposed for use in indoor plant cultivation, our PharmPods are used to cultivate a variety of plants for businesses, universities and individuals nationwide. Utilized within an efficient and scalable PharmPlex cultivation center, these PharmPods maximize farming processes to create unprecedented efficiencies through a substantially smaller real estate footprint, faster cultivation process and, therefore, a shorter distribution time to market.


A single 40-foot PharmPod container is capable of growing more produce than a one full acre of traditional farm agriculture. And by utilizing the PharmPod containers in a stacked scenario – as they are designed to do – you can produce more than three acres worth of traditionally grown produce in less space than you need to park a motor home.


PharmPods use an advanced lighting technology that provides an optimum light spectrum for growing, utilize less than 10% of the water required for traditional agriculture, require no harmful pesticides and produce no environmentally damaging wastewater runoff. This entire self-contained farming ecosystem is environmentally and economically friendly.


The food and farming revolution is here.

Our focus at FusionPharm from day one has been about a commitment to excellence and an unmatched drive to be best in class.


Excellence guides our daily decisions and approach, from who we hire and work with to our revolutionary products and services.


From the beginning to end, we’re all about quality.