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OTC Symbol: FSPM

At FusionPharm, we seek to

drastically change the way food is grown and consumed in the United States of America.


We plan to do so by serving the natural foods market with sustainable high-impact produce and products (PharmPods).


We feel that focusing on individual local markets, ensuring no use of pesticides or additives, and using less than 20% of the water used for similar-size traditional farming methods, we are keeping things natural and poised to be best in class with our approach, products and company.



For over 10,000 years, humans farmed where they lived, enjoying the benefits of eating vine ripened produce that was full of flavor, vitamins, minerals and other phytonutrients that help us fight diseases and strengthen our immune system.


More recently in history, we have seen our food system drastically change over the past 70 years. The majority of vegetables and fruit that is a product of our current farming and food distribution systems are “empty” – typically a result of produce that is grown within the United States, or imported from outside the country, and harvested about two weeks early so it can ripen on its way to market. As most of the nutrients in produce harvested in that manner mature during last two weeks on the plant, the subsequent outcome is significant – substantially fewer nutrients are found in the plant once it reaches market.


Additionally, as the average produce item on an American grocery store shelf has traveled more than 1,500 miles to reach the consumer, traditional farming methods waste a tremendous amount of energy, water and other natural resources (not to mention creating some of the worst pollution in our country).


FusionPharm has the perfect solution for this. Our approach to localized farming – utilizing our PharmPod units within PharmPlex cultivation centers – not only directly addresses and mitigates the issue of nutrient deficiencies in produce by locating within population centers, our approach substantially reduces the time from when vegetables and fruits are harvested and reach market.


The economic viability of cultivating organic nutrient-dense produce, within an urban or localized setting, has finally been achieved with FusionPharm.