FusionPharm, Inc.

5850 E 58th Ave, Unit F

Commerce City, Colorado 80022

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OTC Symbol: FSPM

At FusionPharm, we seek to

drastically change the way food is grown and consumed in the United States of America.


We plan to do so by serving the natural foods market with sustainable high-impact produce and products (PharmPods).


We feel that focusing on individual local markets, ensuring no use of pesticides or additives, and using less than 20% of the water used for similar-size traditional farming methods, we are keeping things natural and poised to be best in class with our approach, products and company.



Our PharmPlex cultivation center concept is simple, yet revolutionary – grow and harvest your vegetables and fruits in a faster amount of time, then distribute them over a shorter distance, as compared to traditional farming methods.


Utilizing multiple, stackable cultivation containers PharmPods in an urban warehouse setting, our PharmPlex cultivation centers create unprecedented efficiencies in growth, reduced water use and a smaller real estate footprint. Our PharmPlex centers are designed to be located within the heart of cities, nearest their population centers, to deliver the freshest and finest produce within 100 miles from where they are grown.


FusionPharm is piloting its first PharmPlex cultivation center in Denver, Colorado and has partnered with Vertifresh – whose produce is recognized for its vine-ripe, consistently superior taste, texture and appearance – to provide the agricultural expertise and distribution network for the produce that will be grown.

Vertifresh distributes to...